Backing up Flickr

17 Aug 2009

Stories of people loosing every image they have uploaded to flickr have been bouncing around the last few months. It’s nothing new to the web, company provides a service and has some rules and whenever they feel those rules are violated they take action. Right or wrong, it has not helped the trust in the “cloud” at all. So what can you do? Well Dan Benjamin took the FlickrTouchr script which allowed you to download a flickr set to your ipod and modified it to backup your all of your flickr pictures, sets and all.

Check out his article about it here: or you can just grab the latest version of the script from github:

Not something I currently am going to do as I keep a all of my images on a portable external drive which gets backed up weekly to a terabyte network drive and also gets backed up to Backblaze. I only upload to flickr the images I think are worth people spending there time to look at. The rest go up on my personal photo site hosted by dreamhost.