jQuery is a'movin

01 Feb 2010

Lot’s has happen in the past month with jQuery.

14 days of jQuery - We had 14 days of great links videos and info leading up and after the release of jQuery 1.4.

jQuery API - the jQuery API doc’s got a much needed overhall and are now running on Wordpress.  Some very slick searching and the ability to comment on the documentation has brought live back in to the docs.

jQuery 1.4 was released in to the wild with tons of bug fixes, lots of speed enhancements and a few nice new features sprinkled on top to make it the prefect candy for all jQuery users to quickly flock to.

jQuery Forums packed up and moved from Google to Zoho which has produced a spam free forum again for the jQuery community

jQuery UI 1.8 rc1 has been released with a final release soon to come, bringing us 2 new widgets, button and autocomplete, along with a lot of bug fixes and improvements including an overhauled widget factory.

jQAIP an alternative viewer of the jQuery Doc’s was released for those who don’t like the design or workings of api.jquery.com.  Has its own nice search features and keyboard navigation.

jQuery Source Viewer - a quick and easy way to search through the jQuery source code.  Something that every jQuery developer should start doing after they learn the basics of jQuery.

I am looking forward to updating my projects to jQuery 1.4 and jQuery UI 1.8.  Will be interesting to see what the jQuery community can produce next.